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DOWRY SYSTEM-Junior English Essays


The system of dowry in our country has become a monstrous evil. The murdering of brides by their husbands has become very common in many parts of the country. 

At first, the dowry system served an important purpose. The Hindu Law did not entitle a daughter a share in the parental property. It was therefore thought necessary to render some financial assistance to the bridegroom. It helped him to settle down. There was no bargaining either by the bridegroom or his parents. 

Now the situation has changed completely. In the marriage market, bridegrooms are auctioned! The rich want to marry their daughters to doctors, engineers and other highly placed government officers. As they have enough money, they can afford this. However the poor cannot afford. Countless families are ruined. A man feels cursed and certainly burdened if has too many daughters. 

So dowry is a social evil.


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