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DOCTOR-Junior English Essays-School Essays Collection


A doctor's profession is very noble. He can help the sick. He can save the lives of many patients. 

One has to be intelligent to become a doctor. He has to take Biology as an optional subject at the 10+2 level. He has to pass the entrance test to gain admission in a medical college. 

There are different streams in medicine like allopathy, ayurveda, homeopathy, etc. One thing is common among all doctors. They are always rich. We can rarely find a doctor who is poor. 

A doctor wears a white apron and a stethoscope usually hangs over his neck. 

Some doctors opt for becoming surgeons. They operate on patients. Other doctors only give medications. 

Now-a-days we find doctors who have specialized in a particular field. Doctors should be ready to go to the rural areas to reach out to the poor people. They should not use their profession as a means to earn too much money.

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