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DEMERITS OF SCIENCE-Junior English Essays-School Essays Collection


Science is very useful to us. However it also has many demerits. 

The atom bomb dropped at Hiroshima: and Nagasaki had killed many people. It had rendered the land infertile. Cloning is also a double-edged sword. It can be misused. 

Sometimes hackers break into websites and download important and secret information. Some people steal money by replicating credit cards. Television had made people obese and lazy. It is creating problems for the eyes. Also it is increasing violence in the society. 

People are playing music loudly. It is disturbing the peaceful atmosphere. The disposable plastic bags are making the soil infertile. Industrial wastes are polluting the rivers. The harmful gases are polluting the atmosphere and are destroying the ozone layer. 

So science has brought us far from the country life and has pushed into a concrete. jungle. We cannot do without science but we have to use it very carefully.

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