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CRICKETER-Junior English Essays-School Essays Collection


Cricket is like a religion in India. Though the national game of India is hockey, cricket is the most popular game in India. That is why a cricketer enjoys great fan following . 

There are a lot of sponsors for cricket. A cricketer has to keep himself always match fit He can enter the team as a batsman, bowler wicket-keeper or as an all-rounder. 

Two versions of cricket are played. Ow is Test Cricket and the other is One Day International Cricket. It is important to star playing cricket early because cricketers usually retire from international cricket at the age of 3 to 35. 

When a cricketer performs well at q international level he gets opportunities for endorsements. In this way he can earn lot money besides the match fees. 

Now-a-days the parents are encouraging their children to take up cricket as a profession. It is very rewarding. It gives money and fame too.

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