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COMPUTERS-Junior English Essays-School Essays Collection


Computers are machines which can do work very fast. They have no brains of their own. They perform the tasks according to the programming done by us. 

Computers mainly consist of a monitor, key board, central processing unit and a mouse. They are operated by electricity. 

The technology regarding the computer machine is called hardware technology. The technology regarding programming is called software technology. 

Computers are used in office to maintain files. They are used in companies to start and put off machines. They are used in banks for accounting. They are used for ticketing in railways and travel agencies. Computers are used for printing. They are also used for research. Computers are used by children for studies also. 

Some people feel that due to the advent of computers there is reduction in employment. On the contrary computers are creating a lot of employment. 

So computers are very useful for mankind.

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