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CLEANLINESS-Junior English Essays-School Essays Collection


Mahatma Gandhi said, "Cleanliness is ne to Godliness." Cleanliness means clean both internally and externally. 

Unless our heart is free from all dirt of materialism like lust greed, anger, pride, jealousy hatred, etc, God would not like to reside in it. 

For being clean internally we must practise by trying to be clean externally. We mus clean our teeth. We must take bath. Our body should not have the smell of sweat. We shout wear clean clothes. They may not be new be they should be clean and well maintained. The should be sewn if they are torn. 

We should keep our house neat and tidy. We should not allow water to clog. 

It will become a breeding place for mosquitoes. We should keep our vehicles clean and tidy. 

Children can keep their study table clean. We should wash fruits before eating. We should wipe our mouth after eating anything. 

Even if one is ugly if he keeps himself always clean he becomes attractive.

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