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CINEMA-Junior English Essays-School Essays Collection


Cinema is very common in India. Everyone is entertained by cinema and enjoys it for nearly three hours. 

Cinema came into existence in 1930. At first silent, black and white movies were made. 

The English movies are mostly made in the Hollywood. They are big budget movies. Around 800 Hindi movies are made in India per year. Hindi film industry is called Bollywood. Many movies are also made in the regional languages. 

Few movies are educative. Most of the movies depict violence and obscenity. So now -a-days cinemas have a negative impact on the people. 

After the advent of video, cinemas are loosing their popularity. 

There are many awards for cinemas. Oscar awards are the most popular. On the national level, Filmfare awards and many other awards are given in appreciation of cinemas. 

Some movies get critical acclaim while others are block busters and are a hit among the masses. They rake in a lot of money. 

So one should see only good movies and avoid the bad cinemas.

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