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CHRISTMAS-Junior English Essays-School Essays Collection


25th of December is the birthday of Jesus Christ He is the son of God. He is a prophet. He came to deliver all of us from sins. So his birthday is celebrated as Christmas all over the world. 

The whole of December is a festival season People purchase new clothes. They also buy gifts for their children. On the Christmas day the Christmas tree is decorated. Stockings are tied to the tree. Parents keep the gifts in the stockings. When the children wake up they take their gifts from the stockings and think that Santa Claus has given them Christmas gifts.

The modern calendar is based on this day The time before the birth of Christ is called B.C. (Before Christ) and the time after e birth of Christ is called A.D. (Anna Domino).

People go to church and offer special prayers to the Lord on this day. They also remember Mary, the mother of Christ and Joseph, the father of Christ. They also remember the teachings of Christ and the sacrifices he made for us. 

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