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AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF A BOOK-Junior English Essays-School Essays Collection


I am old now. My ears are drooping. However I have a nice resting place in a clean rack in the drawing room of a rich man. 

When I was born, I was tied in a bundle along with many other books and loaded into a van which took us to a book shop. 

I stayed there for a month. Then a young man bought me. He took me to his house and kept me as his prized possession. I kept him company for many years. In my company he never felt lonely. 

I remained in his house for many years. Then one day when he had a shortage of money, he sold me to a second-hand book dealer. Here I had to share my resting room with many old books. I felt very bored. 

Then a rich man came and purchased me. He had a great respect for all books. He took me to his house and kept me in his drawing room.

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