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AN ELEPHANT-Junior English Essays-School Essays Collection


An elephant is a strong and large animal. It is the largest animal living on land. It has a grey coloured skin. It has four legs which look like pillars. 

It has a long trunk. There are two white tusks near the origin of the trunk. These tusks are also its teeth but they are not used for eating. They are ornamental. They are also called ivory. They are very costly. People poach elephants just for these tusks. 

It has large fan like ears. There are two types of elephants-The Asian Elephant and The African Elephant. The African Elephant has larger ears than the Asian Elephant. 

An elephant is a very useful animal. It helps us carry large wood logs. It also helps to re-move the butts of cut trees. Sometimes elephants are used in processions. If an elephant gets an-gry it tramples people under its feet and also throws people with its trunk.

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