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A VISIT TO A ZOO-Junior English Essays-School Essays Collection


We went to Mumbai to celebrate our vacations at our uncle's place. One day my uncle took us to the Byculla Zoo. 

We purchased the tickets for entry and then entered through the main gate. We were greeted by elephants. I took a ride on an elephant. They were offering elephant rides for children for Rupees ten. 

Then we entered the main zoo. Animals were kept in enclosures. Care was taken to provide them natural atmosphere. There were many types of monkeys and birds. Then we saw different types of tigers and lions. They were being fed red meat by their attendants. 

There was an official veterinarian to take care of the health of the animals. Photography inside the zoo was permitted. So we took a lot of snaps. 

There were snakes, rhinoceros,hippopotamus, alligators and crocodiles. These was a deer park. 

I liked my visit to the zoo very much. I shall always remember it.

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