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A VISIT TO A FACTORY-Junior English Essays-School Essays Collection


One day our principal came to our class. He said that he is arranging a visit to a factory. We were delighted. 

We were taken to a biscuit factory. It was called Sumeet biscuits. It was a private factory. It looked very large to me. Our principal said that it was a small factory. There were many machines. All the workers wore uniforms. 

There was a machine for making dough. They put flour and water in it. It automatically made dough. There was a cutting machine. It cut the dough into pieces. These pieces were shifted to a bakery. The biscuits would be baked in a day. Readymade biscuits were being removed from another oven. 

The owner of the factory, Mr. Sumeet Agrawal distributed biscuits to all the students. 

Our visit to the factory was both educative and entertaining. I liked our visit to the factory very much.

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