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A VISIT TO A DENTIST-Junior English Essays


I had to visit a dentist because I had tartar.. My mother took me to the dentist for scaling. 

As we entered, the receptionist politely greeted us. My mother paid the necessary advance and we were issued a card. We waited in the lounge for our turn. The whole campus was centrally air-conditioned. 

When our turn came, the dentist greeted us with a broad smile. I was asked to lie on an easy chair. There were many gadgets on the chair. The dentist applied gum paint and started scaling. I did not have to move either to gargle or to wipe my face. All the facilities were fitted in that chair itself The whole process was pathless and luxurious. 

The dentist asked us to come again within six months for free scaling. I liked my visit to the dentist very much. My false beliefs that visits to dentists are painful have vanished.

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