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A VISIT TO A CIRCUS-Junior English Essays-School Essays Collection


Last Sunday our school arranged a visit to a circus for our class. The circus was Apollo circus. 

Our class teacher purchased tickets for all the students. There was special concession for group booking. 

We occupied our seats. First a buffoon came and cracked some jokes. Then gymnasts showed their skills by jumping from one swing to another. I was afraid. I wondered what would happen if someone fell down. My class teacher told us that there were nets below to prevent any accidents. 

There were performances by tigers. The ring master made them dance. Elephants displayed their skills at footballs. A monkey was the referee. Then a person drove a car at full speed. It leaped into the air and landed on the other side of the stage. 

There were many jokers. Their dress was funny. I laughed at the sight of their noses, which looked like big cherries. 

I liked our visit to the circus.

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