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A RAINY DAY-Junior English Essays-School Essays Collection


It was a rainy day. I had to attend the birthday party of my friend. 

I put on my raincoat. I had purchased a gift for my friend. In order to protect it from rain, I also took an umbrella. My friend's house was near my house. So I decided to go by walk. 

I crossed the road. As I was about a climb the footpath, a car passed by. It splashed water all over me. The raincoat protected me but my gift was covered with mud. 

So I went to a shop and got my gifts repacked with colourful paper. The shopkeeper charged me Rupees five for this favour. 

After I reached my friend's house, I removed my plastic shoes and raincoat. I spread my umbrella in the varendah. Inside it was warm and cozy. From the window I could see the rain. 

We waited for our friends to come. Soon the party began. We started dancing. We enjoyed the party on a rainy day.

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