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A MORNING WALK-Junior English Essays-School Essays Collection


I take a morning walk daily. It is a good exercise. It costs me nothing but gives me good health. We all know that health is wealth. 

I start my walk at 5.30 a.m. I put on sports shoes, white shirt and white banian. The path I take is very busy. Many other people take morning walk on this path. 

In the morning the air is fresh. So it feels very good to go out in the open. Some people take their pet dogs along with them for a morning walk. 

Many fat people take a morning walk. Exercise is good for all and especially for the diabetic people. 

Habits are difficult to make and break. I have this habit of morning walk. So even if I go out of station, I take my morning walk. Also I get up early for my morning walk. 

The morning walk enables me to rise early, keep fit and be happy.

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