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A BUS JOURNEY-Junior English Essays-School Essays Collection


Last summer we visited Goa. There are four modes of transport between Mumbai and Goa— bus, train, ship and plane. My father chose the bus. 

We booked our tickets in advance. It was a private luxury bus. We reached the place half an hour in advance. We occupied our seats. I took a window seat. The bus was air-conditioned. 

The bus left Mumbai at 6 a.m. The journey was of 13 hours. I was busy seeing the wonderful sights through the window. At 8 a.m. the bus stopped at a roadside hotel for breakfast. 

When the bus resumed its journey, the conductor put on the video. I was following the movie sometimes. At other times I was staring out of the window at the green grass and tall mountains. We again stopped at a hotel for lunch. We also relaxed for a while. After lunch 1 took a nap in the bus. 

We again stopped at 5p.m. for snacks. This was a brief stop of 10 minutes. We reached Goa by 7 p.m. My uncle was waiting there to receive us. I enjoyed my bus journey very much.

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