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Banglarbhumi Citizen Services online for Know Your Property of Khatian & Plot Information, RS-LR and Mutation Case

West Bengal BanglarBhumi Citizen Services for Land Records, Khatian & Plot Information,RS-LR plot information, Mutation Case status, Applications forms

The Department of Land & Land Reforms, Government of West Bengal through the Directorate of Land Records & Surveys maintains and updates mauza maps (Cadastral Maps) and Records of Rights for over 42,000 mauzas in the State. Due to operationalisation of all blocks in the state, Certified Copies of Records in pre-printed stationary are being serviced quickly from BL&LRO; offices. In many places, a person gets his copy on the same date. Pending of petitions for a long time is a matter of past. People are now free from delay and harassment.

BanglarBhumi Raiyat & Khatian Information:

 A person owning parcel(s) of land in a mauza is a Raiyat and details of his or her ownership, use(s) of land, revenue payable, etc. constitute his or her record of right or KHATIAN.

The number of Raiyats in the State is over 40 million and so is the number of Record of Rights. These maps and records are Public Documents.

Maps and records are required to update due to change of ownership or use of land. This is done by drawing Mutation & Conversion proceedings under appropriate provisions of law. These proceedings also constitute Public Documents.

BanglarBhumi Certified copies and Information :

Certified copies of and Information regarding these documents can be obtained after paying requisite charges.
  • Certified Copy of R.O.R & Plot Information
  • Certified Copy of Case Record
  • Certified Copy of CS / RS / LR Maps
  • Sample copy of Mouza Map
Banglarbhumi Citizen Services online to know your property of Khatian & Plot Information - RS-LR plot information - Mutation Case status and updates

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Land and Land Reforms & Refugee Relief and Rehabilitation, Government of West Bengal. BanglarBhumi Khatian and Plot Information, BanglarBhumi RS-LR Plot Information, BanglarBHumi Mutation Case Status, BanglarBhumi Mouza map, BanglarBhumi Mutation Application