Biswa Bangla Sharod Samman 2014 by West Bengal Government

Biswa Bangla Sharod Samman 2014
Biswa Bangla Sharod Samman 2014
West Bengal Govt. ( present Biswa Bangla Sharod Samman for all Durga Puja not only west bengal all India also out of India's durga puja Samman. Have a look what is Biswa Bangla Sharod Samman an how to Participate in this Govt. Award for Sharad samman.


The melancholic monsoon has bid us adieu. The vivacious blue has embraced the sky. The joyous air has surreptitiously crept into our souls. In every corner of our state, the people are gearing up to welcome the power divine - Ma Durga. The pavilion artists are trying their best innovative skills, the fashion designers are flying on the wings of fancy, the shopping malls are throbbing with thousand possible colours, and the Dhakis are trying the breakthrough beats. Yes, it is our annual chance to rejuvenate, to cleanse our entities. A mass celebration like Durga Puja has very few counterparts in the world. It can only be compared with Mardi Gras or the Carnival of Rio, Brazil. But spread across four days, Bengal's signature autumn festival is most probably has a magnitude that is peerless. 
Biswa Bangla Sharod Samman 2014
Biswa Bangla Sharod Samman 2014
On the occasion of this great festival, the Government of West Bengal has come up with a unique initiative- Biswa Bangla Sharod Samman. This is the second year. This initiative aims to nominate and reward the best Pujas.

Biswa Bangla Sharod Samman will hold in its purview not only the pujas of Kolkata and Bengal but also of other Indian cities and foreign countries where Bengalis celebrate the autumn fest with equal mirth and enthusiasm.


Categories for Kolkata : 3 prizes will be given for each category
  • Shera Protima
  • Shera Mondop
  • Shera Bhabna
  • Shera Alok Shojja
  • Shera Poribesh Bandhab
  • Shera Abishkar
  • Shera Aboho
  • Shera Shilpi
  • Shera Dhakeshari
  • Shera Biswa Bangla Branding
  • Sherar Shera - Only 1 prize

Categories for Rest of Bengal (for 19 districts) : 3 prizes will be given for each category
  • Shera Pujo
  • Shera Protima
  • Shera Mondop

Rest of India : Best 10 Pujas across India will be awarded

Rest of World : Best 10 Pujas across the world will be awarded

Rules & Regulations:
  • Attach Road Map
  • Any Pujo Committee can apply.
  • Last date for application submission: 22nd September, 2014 
  • (for offline 11am to 5pm except Sunday & Holidays)
  • Entries which are complete in all respect shall be eligible for the competition.
  • Biswa Bangla Sharod Samman Jury members to visit the shortlisted pandals during Dwitia to Panchomi.
  • The final selection will be through Jury rating.
  • Rules & Regulations from all statutory authorities should be complied with.
  • All decisions of the Jury will remain final and no correspondence shall be entertained in this regard.
  • The Jury members can ask to see all necessary permissions
  • We will provide two flexes which should be displayed in the puja premises till the end of puja.
  • Only Baroari Pujo will come under the jurisdiction of the competition.
  • There is no entry fee for this competition.


Biswa Bangla Sharod Samman 2014

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